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A little treat for the late night crowd. Meet Andrea and Dan – a super sweet, super cute, super fun couple who I had the privilege of photographing in downtown New Haven. Andrea and Dan are not actually engaged [yet], but I asked them if they would model for me while I was teaching someone some photography skills. And even though they are not engaged [yet], I am pretty sure both Andrea and I agree that they should get engaged [soon]…because they are just too cute to NOT be engaged or married.

…and maybe she’ll let me be lucky enough to photograph her wedding. Because they are just that super sweet, super cute, super fun….and super naturals in front of the camera! 🙂

We did the entire session in downtown New Haven on the campus of Yale University – which you all know I absolutely ADORE!


So Andrea is a makeup artist, which is quite obviously the reason that her makeup looks perfecto.

Like I said….super cute!

Um yeah, you can add “super hot” to their list of supers.

Andrea putting on her game face!

Pretty sure Dan was about done with having hot pink lipstick all over his face by this point! haha

Whoever said that guys don’t like being in front of the camera quite obviously never met Dan. He brought his own bit of “rawr” to this session!

At one point in the session, i asked Andrea to give me a little attitude in her face. Dan looked at me and laughed while saying “Oh, she has no problem with giving attitude.” Pretty sure I’m on his side with this one. She brought the ‘tude when she needed to!


So, scratch what I said before. This one is my favorite!

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  1. Deborah Zoe says:

    these are adorable:)!

  2. You guys are awesome by the way!

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