Dimitrios and Deny’s wedding

Private residence wedding in CT

Heart. That is the word that came to mind all day when interacting with Deny and Dimitrios. I had never met them prior to their wedding so we didn’t have that connection I get with most clients before their wedding day. I was a bit nervous to show up on their wedding day, knowing that they had just flown into the States the night before and I would only get to know them on one of the most crazy exciting days of their lives. But they had heart. Lots of it. Because instead of treating me as just another wedding vendor, they asked. And they shared. They listened. They inquired. They cared. It was obvious in how he talked about his job – a heart surgeon – and the passion and tenderness was evident in his eyes. It was obvious in her when she talked to her dad. How much love and pride there was. I left their wedding thinking that the world needs more people like Deny and Dimitrios. People who love, who care, and who have heart.

Dimitrios and Deny’s wedding was at a private residence win Orange CT and it was absolutely beautiful! A hue thanks goes out to the awesome lineup of vendors who made this day possible:

Planner: Heidi and Deedee of Always and Forever weddings
Caterer: La Cuisine
Florist: Hanson’s Flowers
Band: Ray Gonzalez Band
Tent: Durkin Tent Rentals

  1. heidi says:

    Yeah Alicia such a pleasure working with you as always! Gorgeous photos! Thanks again for rocking it out!!!!

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