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Truth be told, it’s been like this for as long as I can remember. I was always a planner, but equally as much a procrastinator. Whether it was studying for an upcoming test or preparing for a big speech, I always.waited.until.the.last.minute.

Enter Tough Mudder. I wrote a few weeks ago that I practically pulled Adam’s teeth to get him to sign up Adam and I excitedly signed up for the event. And I wrote how I was gonna get all serious about training and make no more excuses and blah, blah blah. Yeah. And I did well for about 3 days. But then summer happened and summer just won’t let me enjoy it without ice cream and lazy days on my parents deck. So for the last 4 weeks I’ve not even come close to training as I should. A short run here, a P90x workout there. But, truth be told, I have barely scratched the surface of training as I should be. You know, for this insane event that many people train an entire year for.

So this past weekend I got back from Denmark and was all “Ok, so NOW I’m going to start!”. And by starting, since I am a person of extremes…I decided to go all crazy. No sugar. No gluten. In essence, no anything that makes life worth living. And workouts? Oh, I’m gonna get all Ms. Olympia for the next 3 weeks. (Is there even such a thing as Ms. Olympia?) So in attempt to *really* get this ball rolling, I took a huge shot to my pride and bought a pair of Vibram five fingers shoes with Adam. The next day I went for a run in them and, for the first time in my life, I ran 3+ miles. Monumental. And then I was all “Tough Mudder? Pft! I got this!!!“. That is until I woke up the next morning and couldn’t walk cause my calves hurt so bad. And then there was dinner last night. I went out with clients to a burger joint (like a lamb in a den of lions) and there I sat…in a sea of applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, and copious amounts of BBQ sauce. Salivating. Profusely. But since I’m all hardcore right now, I ordered the “Grateful veg”, which might as well have been called “puke on a plate”. All of this I could handle. But then, my breaking point…

The waitress asked Adam what he wanted and he ordered some peppercorn crusted, cheese smothered goodness of some sort. I looked at him and muttered something about him being heartless and his response was “What? I ran almost 4 miles today! I need to feed my muscles!.” With melted cheese. HE FED HIS MUSCLES WITH MELTED CHEESE!!! And onions rings. And peppercorn beef that looked heavenly. As I choked down a quinoa and sunflower seed burger.

And….Adam, if/when you read this you can do me the huge favor of just scrolling to the next post or closing out this blog, like, NOW, thanks….I realized right then that although my procrastinating tendencies have served me well for most of my life, balance is way more important. There I sat, next a man eating a delicious looking burger who probably had zero guilt eating it because any other day of the week he lives on kale and cucumbers (I kid you not!). And he can skip a workout day because rather than putting in one huge run (hey, now, 3 miles was HUGE for me!) to make up for lost time, he instead consistently runs or works out. Dang. So here I am, yet again, learning a lesson in balance. If for no other reason, than for the fact that I never again want to eat a quinoa and sunflower seed burger.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Congrats on training…even though it’s been tough. Did whoever you bought those shoes from not tell you that they take time to work into?? You def want to take baby steps with those or you can injur yourself so be mindful of that…it totally changes your running…sorry I work at a running store…so I can’t help myself! haha…but really though build into them or it could be no so great.
    Hope everything goes well!! If you need any tips on the running part of your training let me know!

  2. lisa cour says:

    You go, Girl! That’s a great pace!

  3. tina lee says:

    of course there is a ms. olympia! the 8 time ms. olympia actually works at our gym on base. small world 😉

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