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T-minus one week until Grace Ormonde’s book release party of “Being in love never goes out of style,” and I am doing what any girl would do at this point: freaking out about WHAT TO WEAR. Because, clearly, that is the most important thing about going to such a party.

The invitation I received reads “Join the who’s who of Connecticut at a VIP Book Launch Party for Grace Ormonde’s much-anticipated, hardcover book: Grace Ormonde Weddings – “being in love never goes out of style.” Not sure when *I* got placed on those “who’s who” list, but when I received the invitation there was no question as to whether or not I would be in attendance. Of course, dressed to the nines. And thus begun to search for the perfect dress. Well, not really. Because I received the invitation a while ago but have had ZERO time to shop, so I shopped in my mind. And we all know that never works out. So as fate would have it, I started getting nervous last week when I realized the party was only 10 days away and I *still* had NO IDEA what I would be wearing. In between portrait sessions that were oh-so-strategically located near the mall, I began the hunt for the perfect dress. But, alas, when I got to the mall I found none of the dresses I saw in the store of Alicia’s brain. *sigh* After frantically rummaging through just about every rack in just about every women’s store, I found 3 dresses that I was semi pleased with. Not 1, but 3. And since then I have been going back and forth as to which dress I should wear.

Enter you.

I thought to myself “I have anywhere from 200 to 800 people who visit my blog everyday. Why don’t I let THEM choose.” So my friends, whether you are an outspoken blog reader or one of those lurking in the shadows of my blog, today is your day to step up and make a statement. I am in desperate need of you help. Because, clearly, this whole dress-deciding thing is not my fortΓ©.

Below are 3 views of each of the 3 dresses. You can click the images to see them enlarged. And below each dress are my comments. Please, please, please help this photographer in choosing the *perfect* dress for this VIP event that I am SUPER excited about! Because, you know, right after the dress is chosen I need to find the *perfect* pair of shoes!

Ps- Forgive me for not putting on any makeup at all today and just throwing my hair in a ponytail for these!

Things I like:
– The stand-out color against my [not-so] tan!
– That little ruffly thing in the front
– Pockets!! Need I say more?

Things I don’t like:
– It is just a tad large in the waist
– Um, hello J.Lo from behind?!?! Ugh.
– Shows my tan lines quite clearly.

Things I like:
– It is super comfy
– The low, low back!
– I look more proportioned from the front

Things I don’t like:
– It’s black. Everyone wears black to these kinds of parties.
– Not at all flattering from the side.

Things I like:
– It fits like a glove!
– That AMAZING shoulder strap with all those ruffly, flowery thing!
– The design of the fabric in the bust area

Things I don’t like:
– It fits like a glove?
– It’s Adam’s least favorite

Leave a comment and tell me which dress I should wear!

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  1. Danielle says:

    ok… so… not a lot to work with leash…. but… we’ve decided on the 3rd dress. So this is 1 comment, but is 2 votes.

  2. Marta says:

    #1 – there are self tanning sprays you can use to even out the tan line

    You are right on profile of black dress and yes everyone wears black. The third dress has a nice front top and that is about the only good thing – this from someone who is pretty conservative when it comes to dressing though

  3. Joceyn says:


  4. Maria says:

    Personally, I think you rock all three, but I think that option 3 looks great.

  5. Natalie says:

    LOVE the first one, and the third one is really awesome too… but if I HAD to pick 1 or 3, I’d go with 1. I know that’s not been the popular vote but I think you look AWESOME in it!!! Rock the J.Lo girl! πŸ™‚

  6. Carrie says:

    Number 3, no question!! I think it’s fabulous in absolutely every way! The cut is perfect, the sleeve is PERFECT, and it’s so incredibly flattering. Of course, the man has a lot of say, but he’s also a man which takes away a lot of credibility in the fashion area.

    Number one is an adorable color and the cut is absolutely perfect. And I agree with you- pockets are ultra fab. It would definitely be my number two choice.

    As far as the second one, it’s also really cute and I too am obsessed with the low back. But the other two are more flattering from the side.

  7. Alexandra says:

    The 1st Alicia…and I’ve always been your stylist :* Nude lips and bright eyes…do you have hot curlers,lol

  8. Brittany Bussola says:

    Dan and I say definitely #3. It’s summertime so you definitely need color and the red/orange goes better with your complexion and hair color.

  9. Katie Mamula says:

    LOVE the black one, its super sexy in the back….feel free to play with color in accessories and shoes!

    I also love the red one, its very fun and flirty!

  10. Sue Williamson says:

    well you are gorgeous….
    I vote number one. can you get a spray tan or something to cover the tan lines if you are that concerned. Number three is my second choice and number two is last. For the same reason, not so great from a side angle. The last dress is a little too short for my liking.
    Number one is a great color on you!

    can’t wait to see which one you pick!

  11. Zaleena says:

    My choice would be #3.

    It accents everything on you very well. When you walk in you’ll definitely light up the place. No matter what dress you wear, you’ll still rock it. Have a great time!

    sidebar… makeup or no makeup, you’re flawless.

  12. cathie cole says:

    I love the hot pick one, the blace one is a little too tight and the red one well would be my 2nd choice. The hot pick one is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rachel Olney says:

    Ok so I def think the 3rd one looks best and may sound like you’re the most comfortable with?
    So I would say, unless the pink one is Adam’s 1st choice, then you should go with the red one ;p
    Just my thunks. πŸ™‚

  14. Wagn says:

    Hi Alicia!
    As always You look stunning in any outfit. But the orange is no.1. Nice shoulder detail, and from the side perfect shape. When Your man says he likes it the least its probably because it makes You look fab…;-) The black one has one + because of your tan but maybe you can fix that. Have a Ball no matter what You choose.

  15. Gerda says:

    Hi Alicia! I definitely advise you to choose the 3rd dress, it looks really good on you! Actually, it looks the best on you out of those three dresses. Also it brings out your figure beautifully. The red dress also looks the best with your tan.

    By the way, you could also wear the black dress. You said everyone wears a black dress to these kind of parties. You know why? Because it always works! You can wear your little black dress pretty much everywhere! And that’s the beauty of it!

  16. Helena says:

    I’m gonna write very short.

    Not the black! I love dresses that shows your shape, and I love your shape, so no no no no. It not nice from the side. And even though I love black, you’re right…. everyone will wear that colour.

    I love the pockets on the pink and that fact that not many will wear that colour. It’s gorgeus! But your butt doesn’t come to its right, and that’s a shame.

    Red is sexy! And your butt???? Huba huba huba as Lise and I would say. I choose the RED ONE!!!

  17. Brad C says:

    I’ve got to put my vote in for option three, the red dress. Enjoy the party!

  18. I say number 1. Love the pink. Love the ruffle thing. And I adore pockets.

  19. tina lee says:

    i vote black. sexy, but not over the top. love how it fits as well…

  20. I like the RED/ORANGE ONE best!

  21. kristen vdh says:

    Hey Lady –
    I vote for the Red…I think overall, its the MOST flattering one…
    Not that the other two aren’t but the third is definitely the best : ) Sorry Adam…

  22. sidney chang says:

    definitely the red dress!!! LOVE it!! i might ask to borrow it sometime!! HA!! πŸ™‚

  23. Connie D says:

    Black… always class act!

  24. Signe Verup says:

    I vote red to. No doubt. -Though this vote might come in just a little late…
    So please make an update on your choice πŸ™‚

  25. Alicia Candelora says:

    The red dress won…by a long shot. I will post a picture later this week of the finished product πŸ™‚

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