Days like these

Alicia Ann Daw is a film & digital wedding photographer who specializes in New York City and European destination weddings. With over 15 years of experience photographing weddings, she's spent two decades globetrotting to over 37 countries and working with clients around the world. She delivers images that are effortlessly romantic and chic, telling a story about the start of your heritage in a way that will leave you in awe.


It’s days like these.

…where the wind blows through your hair as you drive down the winding roads of Connecticut, secretly wishing you were headed to the middle of nowhere.

…where hearing his laugh is all that your heart needs to be entirely full and happy.

…where you are dripping with sweat from the sun pouring down but comforted by knowing you have the warmth of someone who loves you standing by your side.

…where the little things in life become so much more important than the grand feats you try accomplish.

…where really, the most important thing is just being with him.

…where a favorite country song by Keith Urban becomes reality and you smile as you think “Who wouldn’t wanna be me?”

…where all you need is a golf ball, putter, and a confusing course to make you happy. Because days like these are too few and far between.

I live for days like these.

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