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I walked onto the stage through a cloud of fog as the opening measures were strum by the guitarist who stood stage left. The crowd was screaming at a decibel that was so high, I could barely hear even myself. Nerves were running high, but I was so stoked that the excitement took over. With microphone in hand I sang those opening lines calmly, waiting for the chorus so I could bust out with a vocal energy that would get the crowd roaring even louder.

I was in heaven. Well, heaven on earth. Because I was on stage, in front of thousands of screaming fans, singing with more umph and energy than little Miss Taylor Swift herself…

“It’s a love story baby just say yeah…”

A dream come true for me because from the time I was a young girl, I always wanted to be a stage performer. I love the stage. The lights. The costumes. The bass drum echoing off the walls of the arena. The fans. The energy.

And that, well that was my moment. A moment to let the world know that Alicia Candelora had arrived on the music scene.

I sang with all my heart, knowing that surely there would be videos uploaded to youtube later on that evening. And then it happened…..

I looked to my left only to realize that the guy sitting next to me at the red light had watched my entire “performance.” As I sheepishly slipped down into my seat, I reasoned that at least I had no clue who he was and that I would never see him again. Until I took a second glanced and noticed he was a guy I worked with back in the day. O.M.G. I totally knew him, AND was friends with him on facbeook (mental note –delete him NOW). I was mortified.

I had been discovered. No, not the kind of discovered I had been fantasizing about as I sang along to Taylor Swift playing on Country 92.5. The kind of discovered that makes you wish you were a hermit crab who could immediately retreat back to it’s shell.

That microphone I had stepped up to was actually just a half empty bottle of Aquafina. The fog? Oh, that was the condensation coming out of my AC vent. And the screaming fans? Ok, so they were totally really made up.

As that light turned green and I stepped on the gas harder than I ever have before, I reached down to my right and opened up a piece of dark chocolate. You know, because chocolate makes everything better.

And as God is my witness this is what was inside that wrapper:

As sure as the sun rises and sets every morning, I turned that radio up and took the stage once again. This time singing my current favorite song “Little White Church,” knee slappin’ and all!

And, world, just know that whether or not I can belt out a number like some of my fav’s, I will always be a wanna-be performer. If you are lucky enough, maybe you will be sitting next to me at a red light some time to witness one of my a-may-zing performances.


Until the next performance…

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  1. heidi says:

    love, love, love this post…have so been there before!!

  2. Ingelise says:

    LOL – I can just picture it. Your facial expression and all!

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