Connecticut Lakeside wedding at Candlewood Inn | Summer + Alex (part 2)

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Starting your weekend off on the right foot with part dos (2!) of Summer and Alex’s GORGEOUS Lakeside wedding at the Candlewood Inn in Brookfield, Connecticut.

Can we all together let out a huge “GAHHH!!!” over the colors! Ohhh those New England-y gorgeous, amazingly beautiful colooooors!! *sigh* I digress…

A beautiful scene at the Candlewood Inn in Brookfield, CT for a spectacular wedding!!

I don’t usually post formals but I had to with these. The bridal party was just too hot and awesome!

I am obsessed with the bright sunflowers and the color palette for this fall wedding in Connecticut!

Candid moments between bridesmaids on a beautiful fall day at Summer and Alex’s Candlewood Inn wedding!

Bow chicka wow wow! Did I just say that?

The ladies with Spence. Or is it Spence with the ladies? Either way I am pretty sure he was loving this moment!

CT wedding photography in the beautiful fall sunshine!

The flower girl who I have already declared my adoration for in the previous post…

Helllloo good looking bridal party!

After a few formals we sent the bridal party back to the limos for champagne while we spent some time alone with Summer and Alex.

This barn in the background made for some beautiful couple portrait photos for a New England, Candlewood Inn wedding.

WOW, what beautiful colors on the trees for Summer and Alex’s couple portrait photography!

Summer working her pretty self in front of the camera!

Summer is one gorgeous bride at her CT lakeside wedding.

Connecticut lakeside wedding at Candlewood Inn! Black and white fits this photo beautifully.

Ow oww!



New England wedding photography in autumn:)

Connecticut wedding photography- Summer and Alex had wonderful autumn weather for their Candlewood lakeside wedding!

And now we’re off to a wedding….

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  1. Ashley says:

    Where are these barn photos taken? I am familiar with Candlewood Inn in Brookfield but I am unsure of where this barn is. I would really appreciate you letting me know. Thank you in advance!

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