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There’s something about the way she laughs. As though the joy within her just can’t be contained. As though she truly has found her one and only, the Prince Charming who has swept her off her feet. As though the world stops when her eyes catch his.

There’s something about the way he looks at her. Steadily and surely, as though there is no other woman in the world. As though she is the most beautiful thing he has ever laid eyes on. As though he can see his future in her eyes alone.

And there is something about them. Together. In each others arms. Holding one another. Gazing into each others eyes. As though Romeo & Juliet didn’t even know the start of what love is. As though there is not a single other care in the world. So in love. So happy. So radiant.

Maria and Jim booked me for their wedding just 6 weeks before their date. *gasp* Note, that I don’t recommend that!!! 🙂 Lucky for me (and for them!), it was a Sunday and I generally try not to book weddings on Sundays. Upon meeting them I could tell that their love was real. They laughed at each others jokes. They looked deeply into each others eyes. And they genuinely enjoy being in the presence of one another. We did their engagement session in the southern part of Connecticut, at a little park that is a photographers dream.

Meet Maria & Jim.

So Maria just wrote me today and said she was so nervous the entire time we did their engagement session. I laughed. You’ll see why as these pictures go on – she is a total natural!

Nervous? I think not. Her and Jim both are totally working it!


Just look at the way they look at each other! Be still, my heart!

I told Maria and Jim to bring some fun props that are “them” for their engagement session. I looove what they brought! A game of pick up stick, some photo albums of their travels, a journal, and a cute box with some special hand-written notes inside.

This field in Trumbull, Connecticut was perfect for doing their engagement photos! So pretty!

So early on in their relationship, Jim gave Maria this box and began writing her little notes on these foam hearts. As their relationship progressed, he slowly started adding more and more heart notes to her collection. How sweet is THAT!

Favorite from the day!! *gasp*

You can just call them Mr. and Mrs. Hot. Pretty sure that sums it all up!

Maria and Jim, I cant wait for your wedding next week!!!

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  1. LOVE the picnic shots! So sweet:) Well done, Alicia!!

  2. Emily says:

    What a wonderful photo shoot. An amazing couple, you can really see their love for one another and how happy they are together.

  3. I love the look in their eyes…pure bliss and love! Great shots Alicia!!!! I love the props idea! So cool!

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