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Tired of blanking during sessions on how to direct your couples? In this training, I'll show you my go-to angles that flatter every couple on camera and look natural - goodbye "overly posed" images 👋


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The endless hours of scrolling and saving images before each session, only to try posing your couples similarly and it just DOESN'T LOOK THE SAME. Or having your phone out, trying to fill those awkward gaps of time when your couple is staring at you expectantly waiting for direction. If you've ever experienced a situation like these, this workshop is for you - I'm telling how I've been posing my couples in a natural way that gets variety and the look of an editorial, luxury gallery without any second guessing or memory loss.

It's time to break up with Pinterest...

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I'm Alicia, a fine art wedding photographer who specializes in New York & international destination weddings. I've spent over two decades of my life globetrotting to over 37 countries while developing an effortless style for capturing exquisite and chic affairs. Running a multiple six-figure business while raising two little ones has required to be very strategic in how I optimize my working hours to bring in more income with fewer hours. Over the last 15+ years in the luxury wedding industry, I've honed the strategies that work to attract ideal clients, fully book my calendar, and increase my income level - and I'm ready to share them with you!

Poses that work for everybody and look natural, this is for you.

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What We're Covering:

Online Masterclass 

5 poses that you can default to that will make every one of your couples look phenomenal on camera.
How to pose your clients in a natural way because stiff and awkward portraits is so 2002.
The kind of posing that will elevate your portfolio and help you take your prices / clientele to the next tier.
Why you need to break up with Pinterest as your posing inspiration.
How to be the confident director for your couples at their session so there's no more awkward pauses.
How to verbally direct your clients in a way that uses psychology to help them relax and feel comfortable.

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I'm ready to get rid of pre-session jitters and confidently pose my clients in a way that looks natural & editorial.

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Searching for a New York City wedding photographer that captures the essence of your celebration through an approach that is both classic and editorial? 
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