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Today I signed online for a brief moment to see that one of my favorite organizations, Thirst Relief, is doing a fundraiser through Sevenly. And just like that I whipped out my credit card. Beverly Hills style. Cha-ching! Because I am soooo behind anything that involves getting clean water to people who desperately need it.

No, but seriously, where else can you buy a t-shirt and provide clean water for a child in Rwanda for TWENTY FIVE years?!?! Only here. So go on. Head over to, buy a t-shirt (that supposedly is super soft) and feel reeeeeeeally good about making a difference.

The Thirst Relief fundraiser ends tomorrow but Sevenly has a new charity each week. I kinda want to buy all their t-shirts because they are all great charities….

  1. love all of your support for Thirst Relief! I tell your story all the time!

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