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There are two sides to the story. She says she met him one night when he maybe had a tad too much to drink. He swears it wasn’t that bad. Regardless of whether or not they see that first night the same way, they both see the second day the same way. Cause that was the day that would change their lives forever. They were on an adventure in New Zealand during a semester spent overseas. For some reason or another his friends were pissed off with him and Summer, being the sweetest person in the world, felt bad for him so she decided to accompany him on this adventure of his….in the pouring rain. He got a canoe and set out to see the Milford Sound. And it was there that she saw a new side of him. He was fun. He was funny. He was kind. He was gentle. And he was a gentleman…well, maybe not. Soaked as she was from the rain, she begged for him not to go under the falls because she didn’t want to get wet. He intentionally steered the canoe so that she became even more soaked. And it was there, under the showers of rain and waterfalls that Summer and Alex began to fall in love.

I mentioned a few days ago that every once in a while I have clients who I have an extra an special connection with. Summer and Alex would be one of those clients. They are some of the sweetest, most caring people I have ever met and I was honored to be there to capture their special day. Summer and Alex, thank you so much for allowing to be there for your wedding. Hopefully some day we can all get together and go skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or find some other crazy adventure to enjoy in California together! Love, love, love you from the bottom of my heart!!

Super huge thanks to Sidney Chang for helping me out with this wedding. She’s stellar! One of my favorites to shoot with!

Starting the day off right with some beautiful pearls.

Summer danced for most of her life, so it was fitting her her to wear ballerina shoes on her wedding day.

Her stunning lace dress.

The light at Candlewood Inn was to DIE for!!

A garter done right.

Summer had a makeup trial that was a #fail, so she asked if I would be willing to do her makeup. We did a trial run for their get to know you shoot and she loved it, so yours truly was responsible for doing makeup. Let’s just say that I was happy to get back to what I do best once her makeup was done.

Hair and makeup are DONE! Time to get this show on the road…

All those buttons and clips…

Oh Summer…you are all things lovely and beautiful!

Bridget totally rocked that sash!

Summer’s flower girl was hands down the best flower girl EVER! She stood there and stroked Summer’s arm the entire time she was getting her dress on. So sweet!

Love that look of awe!

What an awesome ring!

Love those pearls!

Summer is more than glamorous at her CT lakeside wedding!

Connecticut wedding photographer capturing the bride receiving some help with her jewelry!

All dressed up and ready to go…

On her way to meet Alex for their First Look

Loving the anticipation look on Alex’s face before the couple’s Candlewood Inn Wedding in Brookfield, CT.

Priceless facial expressions by both the bride and groom before the “first look!” Photography by a CT wedding photographer.

Summer and Alex have such brightening smiles! It was a blast capturing the special moments of their wedding day in Brookfield, CT.

A simply sweet moment:) Connecticut wedding photography.

A beautiful portrait of Summer and Alex’s “first look” for their Candlewood Inn wedding in Brookfield, CT.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Summer and Alex’s wedding. On deck are their STUNNING portraits!

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  1. Elizabet says:

    You are so multi-talented, Alicia 🙂 Can’t wait for part 2!

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