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It was fate, really. From the time he first saw her when he was a scrawny 12 year old, he knew she was the one. They spent their tween and teen years as friends but she knew right from the begging that there was no way he could ever be the one. But he waited. And he pursued. Patiently, persistently. Because he just knew. Years later she sat at the kitchen table, talking to her mom about how there just aren’t *any* decent guys out there. She and her mom began to pray that God would show them who it was that she was supposed to marry, meanwhile, her mother knew all along exactly who she was supposed to marry. She had a dream that night and just couldn’t seem to get it out of her mind. There is just no was it could be him. I mean, really, was that the best God could do? The scrawny, annoying 12 year boy? Except that now he was a man. A man who had changed, matured and grew into someone who was handsome, respectable and responsible. And a man who all of a sudden seemed to have her undivided attention. She sent him a text message that he got while out with some buddies and I can imagine that when he read it he thought something along the lines of “I knew she’d come around.” Over the following months he continued to pursue her heart and prove that he loved her all along. Will and Camille’s story is such a beautiful one that definitely brought a tear to my eye. And their wedding? Well it was perfectly them. Cultured, timeless, heartfelt, emotional, and FUN!

Camille, I know you have been waiting patiently for these photos and I am so excited to finally post them. You and Will were a BLAST to work with!

Loved Camille’s classic shoes.

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you start it off by photographing some gorgeous Swarovski crystals.

Let’s talk for just one second about Camille’s mom who rocked a pair of Badgley’s all day. Hellooooo hot mama!

I was all kinds of obsessed with these shoes.

This is Spikey, the newest member of Camille’s family. Camille is convinced she is being replaced by him and may or may not have some slight jealousy issues. 😉

Camille’s dress was absolutely perfect for her. And I’m kinda loving that shot on the right that my better half grabbed.

Camille’s bridesmaids watch her get ready as Spikey gets into a bit of trouble with the ring bearers pillow.

Let’s talk for just one second about how gorgeous Camille is…

…and her bridesmaids didn’t disappoint either. LOVE those custom made dresses, designed by Camille and hand sewn by her aunt.

This little guy beckoned to steal my heart. And he just might have….

How cute is that flower girl? And the woman on the left? That is Camille’s grandmother. I told Camille’s she’s got a truck full of awesome non-aging genes.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when the bride puts her dress on! So much anticipation and excitement!

Camille, you are beyond breathtaking!

I believe there was some cheering, hootin’ and hollerin’ going on from the left.

As we were finishing up with the ladies, Adam headed over to grab a few shots of the guys before going to the ceremony.

So, are you a friend or family member of Will and Camille? Go ahead and “like” us on facebook so that you are one of the firsts to be notified when part 2 of their awesome Westchester wedding is blogged! In the meantime you can leave a comment and let Will and Camille know what you think of the first set of these photos!

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  1. Dani says:


  2. Dani says:

    I loooove the second shot of her dress. Wow.

  3. Dani says:

    Annnnnd the very last of the two gentlemen helping her with her dress and that amazing car! 🙂

  4. Camille, WOW! You looked stunning and the photos Alicia are just beautiful!! Looks like you guys had a great time! What great memories you will have to look back on to relive that beautiful day!

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