Ayelet & Sammy’s COVID Wedding at Wadsworth Mansion

It wasn’t what they originally planned, but who ever could’ve expected a global pandemic to take place right when their wedding was supposed to happen? While many couples have become distraught over this, and understandably so, Sammy and Ayelet decided to roll with the punches and completely overhauled their wedding plans. Having only immediate family in attendance, chairs spaced 6 feet apart, everyone wearing masks, and having food beautifully and exquisitely pre-packaged and ready to go, they did what they had to do…and it was perfect. Their wedding was one of the first of what I think will be many “micro-weddings” this year, and so let me be one of the first to say this: it was beautiful. It was filled to the brim with love and laughter, and I think at the end of the day they realized they had made a very wise decision to carry on with their original wedding date.

Ayelet and Sammy, thank you for including me in your special, amazing day! I Wish you all the best!

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