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I sat in front of my computer screen, entirely humiliated, albeit slightly amused. I was about to do the most unlikely thing imaginable. So unlikely that, to me, it seemed like the most hypocritical thing I had ever done. I tried not to overanalyze as I slowly punched in the 16 numbers of my credit card. In a couple weeks from then, I would be home in the USA for a “preparation” trip. I was preparing to move back home to Connecticut, a place I had not lived in almost 8 years. I knew going back home that I did not have any good friends there, and was not connected to a church. I had planned on working for myself, and so I knew that I was limiting my options. “For what?”, you might ask. Well, I’ll tell ya. For meeting guys – particularly any good, decent, Christian guys who loved God and loved people. Oh and it would be bonus points if he had nice muscles and blue eyes! So I bit the bullet and did the unthinkable.

I signed up for eHarmony.

It was a one-year subscription at a discounted rate of $50. I laughed and sighed deeply as I slowly and skeptically filled out my profile and answered the bazillion questions they asked me. They were determined to find me my soul mate. As for me, all I really wanted was just to hang out and get to know some people in CT who had some common interests as me. Unfortunately there was not a website called FriendHarmony, or I would have undoubtedly opted for that choice. (hmmm…new business venture?)

I carefully chose the pictures to put up. I mean, you know, just in case eHarmony happened to do their job correctly I had to be certain that I made a good “first impression.” I wanted to make sure whoever viewed my profile got a really good idea of who I was based on my pictures, so I mixed it up. A picture of me hiking in France – complete with sweat beads dripping down my forehead and dirt covering my arms and face. A picture of me hosting a dinner gala for 500+ people – dressed to the nth degree and looking ravishing (if I do say so myself). A picture of me on a motorcycle, winking my right eye – just to show that I have a bit of sassiness in me. A picture of me skiing with my *cough* ex-boyfriends sister – mostly just because I liked the little furry hood on my ski jacket. A picture of me in Venice Italy, Paris France, and Africa – just to prove that I had a bit of traveling under my belt. A picture of me with my dog, outside in the woods – to reinforce the “girl next door” persona. A picture of me shooting a massive gun – you know, just in case he had some control issues or something. And lastly, a picture of me with my best friends, the sisterhood.

I clicked “submit” and waited.

To say that I was skeptical is an understatement. But alas, the next morning when I woke up, I had an email from eHarmony saying they had matched me with 5 guys. One of them initiated communication. And as many times as it had been said in other areas of my life, I could now say it for this area: “…and the rest is history…..”

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  1. Anne says:

    what a sweet story. I can’t wait to see what happens! 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    But was he one of the first 5 guys?

  3. Alicia Candelora says:

    Well, my friend, you will just have to wait until this Saturday to find out. BTW – don’t you know the answer to this question already? You were, like, one of the first people I told.

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