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He has been trying to convince me from the day I met him that the grass was greener there. He said it was a slice of heaven. The mountains were taller. The people were nicer. The skies were bluer. The food tasted better. The air was crisper. And God lived there. Well, that’s what he said at least. We got there and I was sorely disappointed to see brown grass. But he said that although the grass may actually be brown, it might as well be the most vivid green you have ever seen because in Colorado, the grass really is greener. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

I am not sure I believed him entirely. I kinda thought he was looking through rose-colored (or is it green-colored?) glasses. I assume he was just biased. I was certain he was exaggerating. I mean, how can one place really be that great?

I was wrong. (I know you are reading this Adam, so take note that I just admitted I was wrong)

Colorado really is an adventurers dream. The landscape is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. The mountains are certainly taller. The skies are very blue. And….*ahem*….the people may be slightly nicer than New Englanders. It was indeed a slice of heaven on earth and I cant wait to go back and hopefully hit the hilltops on skis.

Oh, and he promises that in the summertime the grass really does get green. Only time will tell on that one…

Those blue skies…

My typical photo pose. Adam’s typical photo pose.

Dessert valleys ahead and mountains behind.

Autumn in Colorado. Maybe not be Autumn in New England, but it was still pretty.

Hiking at Castlewood Canyon.

Such contrasting landscapes, and these were both shot in the same park.

Garden of the Gods

We went up to Breckenridge one afternoon and we were totally surprised by the white out conditions atop the mountain. We went from 60 degrees in Colorado Springs to 15 degrees in Breckenridge. I ended up having to go to Walmart to get a scarf, gloves and a hat. Oh and there were these cookies sandwiches that were to. die. for.

One of the days we drove alongside the mountain range and stopped in this cute town called Manitou Springs. The highlight of that day with a store call the “Olive Tap” where we were allowed to sample a bunch of different kinds of infused olive oils and balsamic vinegars. YUMM!!

We drove up Pike’s Peak one afternoon and I was pretty amused on the drive up because Adam kept driving on the wrong side of the road. You can’t really see it, but on the correct side, there is a sharp drop below and no guardrails. He was playing it safe.

14,110ft!! We are going to hike this mountain some day.

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  1. Pavla Hajek says:

    the grass does get green in the summer. You know the highway drive from Denver to the Springs, all those brown, dry hills….well, this is them in August:


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