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To say that I’ve been busy would be the understatement of the year. Word on the street (you know since I’m all up in “the street”) is that January and February are crazy booking months for weddings. Statistics say that some 30% of people get engaged over Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day so, naturally, it makes sense that Jan-Feb would be crazy booking season. Except that this year, it’s not. It seems to me as though all of New England decided to get engaged in the months of June and July and, consequently, I have been trying to balance wedding season with an unusually insane amount of new client meetings. And while I LOOOOVE it all, well, I’ve busy. So busy that I may or may not have been neglecting my relationship with Adam just a tad. And since his love language is Quality Time, I’d say that’s no bueno.

Last night we were both free so a date night was in order. I cooked him dinner and we planned ahead of time that we would spend the evening watching YouTube videos on learning how to dance. And if you know anything about Adam, you can imagine how much he was thrilled about the very idea of doing this. So he came in, shoulders sunk down with a look of dread of his face. But after a tasty dinner, I brought out the Macbook and we started with the Waltz. He rolled his eyes and was like “really, the waltz?”, but I insisted. We fumbled our way through step-2-3, one-2-3, step-2-3 but after 2 minutes we agreed that we mastered it. We are quick learners, you know. So we googled “top songs to waltz to” and found a list of 8 songs. Topping the list was Jay-Z. Yeah, I said that right. Jay-Z was dubbed one of the top picks to Waltz to. So we Waltzed the night away, to Jay-Z, with Adam showing me how he shakes his hips and me nagging him about how his posture wasn’t royal enough. He asked what I knew about a royal Waltz and I told him I had watched the Crown prince and princess of Denmark do it numerous times which, clearly, made me an expert in royal Waltzing.

A short time it was, but more than length there was quality. And more laughs than we’ve had in a long time. And with that, a gentle reminder that even in the most chaotic of seasons, a couple hours of time out is so worth it. Even if involves royally waltzing to Jay-Z.

My fancy schmancy iPhone photos of our night:

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