A life I love: Two-day trips to PA

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Recently I began brainstorming about ideas to boost my blogflow. I’m not sure if blogflow is actually a word, but it applies to what I am referring to, so I just made it a word. Take that, Webster. And along with creating new words I decided it was time to start a new series on my blog about the little things in life that I often overlook or don’t blog about. But the irony is that it is these things that make my life what it is. It is these very things that comprise a life that I happen to love and wouldn’t trade for the world. So, it was simple – the new series would be called “A life I love” and it will highlight all the in betweens. The days where I may not be as active on facbeook or twitter (as if those days actually exists). The times where I shut my computer down and take time to enjoy the seasons of life that have a knack for passing by way too quickly. The little moments where I enjoy doing things that you may or may not know about. Welcome to “A life I love”.

Every now and then my mom and I will load up in her kid-smelling Ford Windstar minivan and take a two day trip to Dublin, PA where my sister and her husband live. My sister had a baby 7 months ago and I think it goes without saying that he is the favorite member of the family for all of us. Come to think of it, I don’t think my mothers facebook profile picture has been a picture of herself for…well….7 months. We usually leave on a Sunday and return on a Tuesday, so that we can keep the baby out of daycare on Monday and Tuesday. And during those two days we torture him with taking lots and lots of pictures, lots and lots of cuddling, a little bit of spoiling, and every once in a while we let him take a nap. Spending time with this little guy is always refreshing and renews my energy. Here are a few pics from our time in PA this week and, yes, he has beautiful big blue eyes.

A little Einstein already, he loves playing with and “reading” books. We think he’s a total academic prodigy. And, clearly, we are not biased at all.One of his not-so-prodigy-like habits is a full-blown addiction to anything technological. At 7 months he threw more than a couple tantrums the last couple days when I wouldn’t let him play with my iPhone. And he’s addicted to Nick. Jr. But, hey, everyone has their flaws. Love those baby blues!!!

  1. Momma Candelora says:

    This is the most beautiful baby EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great Grandmother Summerlin says:

    This is the most beautiful great grandson ever!

  3. Maria says:

    Alicia – he is adorable beyond words!!!! I think you’re also getting your portfolio established towards becoming a kids photographer? It’s only natural since all the people you photograph get married will one day become parents. 🙂

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