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I am sitting in my Grandmas little home, placed in the middle of acres of cow pastures, gazing out the window and thinking about….nothing. And it. is. nice. A cow meandered by in a distant field a few minutes ago and I got to thinking “Hmm…I have always wanted to milk a cow.”

At this moment you are probably scared of where this blog post is going. No need to worry. I am not going to get out my stool and milk bucket and walk up to him.

Instead I am going to let you get a small glimpse into the mind of Alicia Candelora and how quickly I can get off on random tangents. It is quite normal for me to be totally focused on a project and the have something really random pop into my head. So it started with the cow milking thing, and then I just began thinking of other very random things about myself and/or Adam. Things like…

* Adam takes every staircase, without fail, two stairs at a time. It never ceases to make me laugh. He also sometimes waddles when he walks. I will never understand why.
* Since I was 12 I have kept a list of names that I would like to name my kids. I am currently at 25 girl names and 15 boy names. I have zero intention, however, of having 40 children. The one or two children I do have will just have to have the worlds longest name. Kherrington-Siaya-Amria-Cadence-Saylor-Raegan-Annaleigh-Kiara-Auralei-Camden-Sienna-Mekaya-Britain is a pretty name, right?
* I sleep wrapped so tightly in my duvet that I sometimes wonder if I will slowly suffocate in the middle of the night.
* People relentlessly mess up my business name. “No Eyes Have Seen Photography – cool name!”, “Oh, where did you come up with the name ‘My Eyes Haven’t Seen Photography?” It drives me crazy. And makes me wish I just used the name “Alicia Candelora Photography”
* I can eat almost anything for breakfast, but I am not a huge breakfast person. I’d take last nights Chinese over Oatmeal any day.
* I like to shoot big guns.
* When I was a kid my sister always wanted to play “house” with me. I always took this as an opportunity to show her what the real world was like by making Ken beat up his wife, Barbie. Contrary to what you might think, my dad was extremely loving and gentle with my mom. I still have no idea why I always wanted Barbie beat up. On second thought… she’s Barbie. She begs to be beat up.
* I am 69% Choleric, 29% Sanguin according to a very accurate personality test.
* I kid you not, every time we go out to eat Adam’s dialogue with the waitress instinctively goes something like this:

Adam : “Can you tell me what comes with the Rueben sandwich?”

Waitress: “It come with fries and coleslaw”

Adam: Is it possible to maybe get a baked potato instead of the fries?

Waitress: Yes

Adam: Ok, and what kind of bread does it come on?

Waitress: Sourdough, but you can choose any kind of bread you want.

Adam: Huh…interesting. I’ll take the grilled chicken salad.

* I don’t pronounce “society” correctly and it drives Adam crazy. I am not sure where I got it from but I always pronounce it “SO-ci-et-y” instead of “so-CI-et-y.” Maybe by the time we grow old I will be able to pronounce it the proper way.
* Adam [just] said : “The initial response to the majority of questions I ask you is ‘here’s the thing…” But here’s the thing, I’m not sure I agree with him on that one.
* I have been to 27 countries. People always ask me what my favorite country is and while I have a hard time coming up with just one definitive favorite place, Iceland and Italy are definitely on top of the list. Without hesitation I usually offer that my least favorite of the places I have visited is Russia.

For those of you reading this blog that know me well, I’d love (and probably laugh) if you also left some random things about me. 🙂

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