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When I sit down at my computer during wedding season I have tunnel vision through to the next task that must be crossed off my to-do list. I am a one-man show right now so everything from networking to booking to shooting to culling to editing to…you get the point…is on me. And in order to not go absolutely insane or get backed up, it is necessary to have a workflow so tight that even Jillian Michaels’ abs would be jealous. Yup, that just happened. I made an extremely lame joke.

But that’s is during wedding season.

Right now, however, it’s off season. Now does this mean that I have all the time in the world? No. I have a “winter to do list”. But I have all winter to complete those things. And they aren’t really small tasks, they are kinda huge projects that can’t wait jut a few more days to start. So when I get up on these cold January mornings I usually stumble over to my kitchen, make myself a protein shake to go with my Cheerios, hop on facebook and then…all of a sudden…realize that it’s 1PM. As in I spent way too many hours on Facebook, Pinterest, or Style Me Pretty. But that’s the beauty of these winter days because they give me time to rest and relax and gear up for the crazy months that are wedding season. The downside is that I have way to much time to think freely. And my mind wanders. Oh boy, does it wander. To the most random things you could ever imagine. So, in the name of being authentic on this blog, I’m gonna give you a glimpse into this little head of mine and the things that ran through it today. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

#1. I spent the last four days with my 11 month old nephew. And I was convinced, once and for all that he is a genius. To prove it, I put him in a navy striped sweater and khakis, combed his hair over to the side, and gave him a book. At 11 months old he is SO ready for Yale.
#2. If I spent half the amount of time working out as I do pinning workout-related things on Pinterest, I’d look like a supermodel. I am just now realizing that pinning stuff really isn’t changing the condition of my rear end. If only…
#3. Adam takes every flight of stairs, without exception, two steps at a time. This never ceases to amuse me.
#4. Next week my family will go on our annual Poconos trip where we cram 17 of us under one roof. And somehow we all make it out alive every year.
#5. My 10 year old sister asked me the other day if I’m ever going to get a job instead of “sitting on the computer all day”. The answer, obviously, is a resounding “no”.
#6. I posted on Sunday that I will be leading a team of 10 people to Ecuador for a relief trip. I was so scared to post it for fear that nobody would sign up. Thank God my dreams were bigger than my fears because within 24 hours three people turned in applications and 7 people inquired about the trip. My heart is very, very full of excitement and gratefulness.
#7. I started off my year my year by deciding to really focus on health and working out this year. And as soon as that decision was made I went and pinned a bunch of new stuff to my Pinterest dessert board. Not at all ironic.
#8. My favorite Pandora station is “Glee cast”. Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel rock my face off. And I can’t decide if I have a bigger crush on Blaine or Mr. Schue.
#9. I am Italian and, by nature, pretty loud. Adam has zero Latin blood in him and knows how to do that thing….what’s it called?…oh, WHISPERING. He is constantly Shhhhh-ing me which drives me insane. I told him once that it frustrates me that I’ve always been able to talk loudly but that when I sing I can’t manage to be louder than a mouse. Now when he wants me to quiet down he tells me to use my singing voice. #notamused
#10. I eat broiled tilapia and steamed broccoli or green beans almost every day for lunch. No lie.
#11. I posted a Christmas wish list right before Christmas. One of the things on there was a new ski jacket, most of which are in the ballpark of $250. Last week I found a $300 ski jacket for $32 and it matches my snowboard perfectly. I’ve been so excited about it that this morning I sat at my desk with it on and the window next to me wide open. I’m way cool like that.
#12. I am making a pot roast for dinner and it smells amazing.
#13. Not a huge Gaga fan, but her song “You and I” has been on repeat for, like, 2 weeks. Current favorite sing-a-long song.
#14. I wonder if I’ll take my Christmas decorations down before Valentine’s Day?
#15. I’ve had a ton of new wedding inquiries this week, most of which are because of YOU. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for referring me to your friends who just got engaged!

And since every post is better with a picture, or four….

Does it get cuter than this? think not.<

  1. Momma Candelora says:

    I agree!!!!!! I think NOT!

  2. robyn L says:

    Your nephew is incredibly adorable! Great pics!

  3. Elissa DeMaria says:

    He is JUST adorable!!! Also, I can’t stress how seemingly similar we are!!

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