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Last week I had the incredible opportunity to get together with some of our 2013 brides. For quite some time now I’ve been wanting to do something at the end of the year with all our brides, but I had a hard time deciding what to do. I was pretty sure I couldn’t get these ladies to come from all over the state, and out of state, for a game night. I doubted that they would all enjoy painting pottery as much as I would. And with so many different diet restrictions and preferences that our generation has, I figured brunch was out of the question. So I decided on a day at the Spa (got the idea from the wonderful Katelyn James) and some mini glamour shoots!

At the end of a wedding season I always go through a let down of feeling like I’ll NEVER talk to my brides ever again. Like a break up gone bad. I want to look at them and say “It’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t let go!“. You see, throughout the engagement process, we LOVE getting to know our couples, especially our brides. We love hearing about their wedding planning, struggles in organizing the days events, and the fun quirky things about their relationship. But after the wedding day, it feels like things are “complete”. I, for one, have recently been toying with some really exciting ideas for how to keep these relationships going long after the wedding day since that’s always been my desire. So we started with our Brides Day out, which was a huge success and I think will become an annual thing. Doing that gave me some hope that my next idea to stay connected with our clients (including our grooms!) may actually work. But more on that later. For now, enjoy a few snippets from our Brides Day out (which I, unfortunately, didn’t take many pictures of…)

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