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May was a BUSY month that went by FAST, but one that we got a lot of fun and exciting things done. We celebrated our first anniversary with a weekend trip into the mountains, which was lovely, and it was the month where wedding season “officially” began. As per the norm, I didn’t get everything done that i wanted to, but there are a lot of things I did that weren’t on the list. My list for June is BIG (I should call it the BIGGER list this month) and there is a LOT to do, so I know that making my week plan is going to be key if I am to manage all of this effectively. We’ll have to see when July 1 rolls around if I was able to complete it all. For once, I would love to mark EVERYTHING off my list!! This month is also particularly exciting because it’s the first month that Adam has joined the Big List game. He was a bit reluctant about it, but we’ve both been a bit overwhelmed with all of the back and forth to COlorado, talking about listing our home there…which means more packing and moving. He does SO MUCH but I feel like he’s always left feeling like there is so much more to do, rather than being able to tangibly see all he has done. So I proposed the idea of the Big List for him to do this month. Part of that was adding a category called “Marriage”, one where we make a list of things that we will be intentional about this month. I think when you are married it’s often so easy to take thing for granted and just go through the motions. In theory, things like date nights and working on your marriage should come naturally and take priority, but in reality the other “stuff” that fills up our lives often presides over being intentional about our marriage. So this month, we re trying the big list on our marriage too 🙂 In case there was any doubt, I could make lists for every area of my life. My love language is List-making. 😉 Anyway…

May progress…
Senior portrait marketing
Create plus site for seniors
Shoot and blog four weddings

Market to 8 Colorado businesses
Market to 8 Connecticut businesses

Update 10 SEO posts
Make Google + IFTTT
Book 4 new glamour sessions
Design logo for TOP SECRET PROJECT
Come up with a marketing plan for TOP SECRET PROJECT

Contact vendors for TOP SECRET PROJECT
(need to do some more this month)
Digital Equipment sale
Watch Sue Bryce’s marketing video

Plant more veggies in my garden!
Read a book
Write 10 life stories
Bake a loaf of bread

June’s list…
Alicia business:

Organize Women in business dinner for July
Hand write 5 businesses in Colorado
Hand write 5 businesses in Connecticut
Shoot and blog 6 weddings
Plan simply love
Plan marriage getaway
Make simply love/marriage getaway cards
2 coaching articles
Launch Secret project
Create 2 Alicia Ann Couture videos
Train new intern

Alicia Personal:

Consume zero sugar
Physiology exam taken (and passed!)
Our 2013 album designed and printed
2 Travel albums
Gym 12 times
Consume zero sugar (honey not counted)
Clean out the front closet :O
Do a summer activity with the kids

Read “How we love”
Praying together three nights a week
Beach weekend
Do the Incline together

And maybe a few days spent like this…

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