April’s BIG list

I woke up in Colorado this morning to a flurry of Facebook posts about the unexpected two inches of snow Connecticut received last night. Although the last two days in Colorado Springs have been in the 60’s, for once, I agree with all my CT friends – the snow needs to go. The other night Adam and I watched “Frozen” (yes, I’ve joined the masses in singing “Let it go” every second of every day since) and I was hoping that, with the viewing of that movie, we could bid winter farewell and welcome Spring in. I’m dreaming of days of flowy dresses, working from a blanket in the park, Vitamin D soaking into my bones, and planting my little seedlings into our new raised bed. Make no mistake, I’m not wishing for summer. I loathe summer about as much as most of the population loathes winter. But Spring? Spring, I can handle. And this Spring is shaping up to be an incredible one.

March Summary:

Business goals

  • Make my glamour promo video You can view it here! So excited about how this came out!
  • Write 3 sections for my coaching program handbook Crossed it off cause it’s mostly complete. I wrote 2.5
  • Market to 5 salons in CT and 10 in Colorado Again, mostly completed. Need to market to a few more this week in Colorado.
  • Shoot 13 glamour shoots and have an average sale of $XXX.XX
  • Finish reveal wall
  • Begin to write a talk to submit to various photography conferences and meetups
  • Blog 12 times¬†
  • Design booth for Luxury Wedding Spotlight booth
  • Come up with a fundraising day for a charity SO EXCITED about how this day is shaping up. Read more about it here, and PLEASE help us spread the word!
  • Clean up our main website with updated galleries and a cleaner look

Personal goals

  • Print and frame images for our CT apartment
  • Clean kitchen top-to-bottom (You had to know this was going to be at the bottom of the list)
  • Frame map
  • Gym 8 times
  • Finish communication course for my doula certification SO beyond happy to have this completed. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had to write a 10 page paper, and the first time I’ve had to write about “an emotionally traumatic” time in my life. Geez, Louise. I had a difficult time finding a topic, and then when I did, writing about all the emotions I experienced, lessons I learned, actions I took, etc. But. It’s done And it was a hurdle I had been avoiding for months. Really hoping to have all my coursework done by June for my doula cert, which would be 7 months ahead of when I intended on finishing.
  • Complete physiology course for doula cert. and take exam


April’s goals!


  • Clean up our main website with updated galleries and a cleaner look
  • Keep working on my talk for upcoming conferences and photography meetings (that ¬†still need to apply to)
  • For heavens sake, I need to finish my promo video and get Jakob the clips I have. Good God, It’s been long enough.
  • Shoot 5 glamour sessions and have an average sale of $XXX.XX
  • Clean out my desk
  • Work on Cathleen’s website
  • Finish Ghita’s photos
  • Make AAC thank you cards
  • Market to 7 CT businesses for AAC
  • Update SEO on 10 old blog posts
  • Plan our Charity day so that the women are SPOILED ROTTEN
  • Purchase sublimation printer + materials for Luxury wedding spotlight
  • Shoot my first wedding f the “official” wedding season
  • Review wedding workflow
  • Send booking gifts to new clients
  • Purchase/make backdrops to bring to weddings


Personal goals

  • Clean kitchen top-to-bottom (It’s called Spring cleaning for a reason, right?)
  • Clean closet
  • Buy adam new pillows (he hates our down feather ones)
  • Frame map
  • Gym 12 times
  • Get seeds planted indoors + peas planted outdoors. YAY!

I have learned that I need to keep my “Big List” goals pretty minimal because, inevitably, I always end up finding a lot more little things that need to be done. If I can get the above things completed, plus all the little things that come up, I’ll be super happy.

And since every post is better with a picture, this is the view from the end of our street in Colorado…


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