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We laid in bed, working. I know, I know, I’m preaching t the choir when I say that I reeeeeally tried so hard not to work while on our honeymoon. I made it 11.5 days and then out came the computer for a full day of work. In Costa Rica. But my skin had already gotten its tan on, my body was so beat up from all our extreme excursions, and it was pouring rain out. So a day of lounging around in bed was in order. Adam chose to read, I chose to work. I discovered on this trip that lounging poolside, and reading on my iPad all day actually gave me ridiculous headaches, so I decided to work. I pulled out my computer (a.k.a. my firstborn child), cranked up the Christmas music, and went to work on some fun surprises we have in store for 2014. Somewhere in between belting out Lea Michele’s version of “Oh Holy Night” and “Last Christmas”, I looked over at Adam and starting a singalong with Ms. Mariah…

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas……all I want for Christmas is yoooooouuuuuu oooooooohhhhhh ooooohhhhh”

“Lie”, he said. “That’s not all you want, and you know it.”

Caught. Red handed. In the middle of a lie. Because, truth be told, I’ve had a Pinterest board going for the last 2 years with things I’d like for Christmas. Whenever Christmas used to come around my Mom would ask what I wished for and, for the last few years, I’ve had almost nothing that I wanted. Which is a good thing, really. Because it means that I’m pretty content in life and not so concerned about “stuff”. But every now and then I would think of something that I could use or would enjoy, so I started the board. This year, here are my top 10…

1. A bread cutting board. I know, I know. I’m so fancy. But in 2014 I really, really, want to start making my own bread. Beside the fact that there s nothing tastier than homemade bread, I truly believe it fills both the home and the hearth with incredible warmth and happiness. That is, until I try cutting it. Fat slices, slices that fall apart. It’s a nightmare. So to rid myself of bread woes, I want this cutting board.

2. Keeping in line with my wannabe Laura Ingalls-Wilder nature, I decided on my recent trip to CO that I want TWO desks in my office. Yes, two. One for work, and one for crafting. With all the DIY projects I’ve been doing in the house, I need a station to sew, cut, glue and design on. And this wooden spool holder will look so much prettier than the current shoebox I have.

3. If you are a client or friend of mine (which most of you are!), and you’ve ever been over the apartment, you know that I love me some cheese and honey. It’s, basically, what my dreams are made of. I currently use regular cheese and wood boards but I kinda love this one with it’s little tools and fun slicer.

4. Adam keeps the thermostat at our house in CO on, like, 23 degrees. Kidding, kidding. Except not really. Cause it totally feels like it’s 23 degrees in there. These fairisle socks look like the perfect friend for my freezing toes.

5. Confession: I’ve lived I new England most of my life and I still do not own a pair of Hunter Boots. Such a tragedy, I know. Dear Santa, size 7.5 in navy, please.

6. About 5 years ago I had a boyfriend who loved to snowboard. He told me to buy a snowboard and he would teach me that winter. I did. 3 weeks later, he broke up with me. Then I met (and married) a ski enthusiast. So I now own a snowboard that I don’t know how to use while taking trips with Adam and always having to rent. Since we now live part time in CO and, therefore, will be skiing a lot more, I think t’s time I get a pair of ski’s. 🙂 Preferably in the grey/white/silver color scheme.

7. If you know me at all, you know that I love pajamas. Cute ones. Pretty ones. Soft ones. Warm ones. Ones with feet. And ones with…very little of anything. This simple Heather grey cotton set from Victoria’s secret would be a perfect addition to my collection. Can I also add to my Christmas list to look like that model?

8. Similar to my pajama obsession is my blanket obsession. One can never have enough blankets. Especially when they are cable knit, wool, soft cotton, and in grey/white/cream. This one from West Elm is curently tickling my fancy.

9. If ever there was a journal made with me in mind this would be it.

10. Sweet baby Jesus, I honestly want nothing more for Christmas than a little white Labrador Puppy. Nothing. More. Unfortunately, I know this one won’t happen this year but I can still wish for it, right?

So now I’m curious…what’s on YOUR Christmas Wish List???

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  1. The New Mrs. McKee says:

    Love the list! Just get the Hunters in a 7, they run big and be sure to get the matching boot liners, will make a big difference!

  2. Mom says:

    You are way prettier than that model!!!!!

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