A new year with a new set of goals

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Every year, on January 1, I sit down at my desk and make a list. I’m a lover of lists. Stuff like…

– Lists of what needs to be done that day.
– Lists of what I need to buy.
– Lists of my favorite quotes.
– Lists of what needs to be packed for a trip, even though I’ve been on said trip 18 million times and could probably pack in my sleep.
– Lists of my favorite baby (or dog) names
– Lists of types of lists I like to make.

For real. It’s a problem. But a problem I have no intention of fixing anytime soon. because today, on January 1, I get to make my favorite of all lists. The list of what I want the new year to entail. The dreams, the goals, the plan. And because it gives me a new hope I thoroughly enjoy sitting down and making the list on each 01/01. I have learned, however, that there is one thing about making a list of goals, and then a whole other thing to actually stick to the list. So, today, i bring you my list for 2013, because I know that if I post it here for all of you to read, I will be held more accountable to the things on it.

1. Pay more attention to my health.
Most people would consider me to be a healthy person. And, for the most part, I am. However, I yo-yo way too much. I’ll go to the gym 5 times a week for 3 weeks straight and then not go for another 4 weeks. The same thing applies to my eating habits. This year, I am vowing to pay much closer attention to regulating my health and fitness. It started with a meal plan for Jan-Feb and will hopefully continue through to December.
2. Have a 1 year emergency fund fully set up by December 31. I’ve already started on this, but would liek to have it completed.
3. Get married 😉
4. Above all else, find a great balance between work/life/marriage/friends/church.
5. Discipline myself to learn at least 1 new thing this year.
How to ski properly, how to rock climb, how to speak Italian, something.
6. Read 6 books. It may not seem like much, especially coming from the girl who used to read a TON. But these last few years I have seriously been slacking.
7. Set up a budget/financial plan…and stick to it. I recently signed up for mint.com and a loving it so far! In just a couple weeks I’ve been shocked with how much I spend on the “small stuff” so I’m hoping to reign that in a lot this year and have a much better understanding on what’s coming in and what’s going out.
8. Keep my apartment in better order. I tend to be a person of extremes, in pretty much every area of my life (see goal #1), and unfortunately the tidiness of my home is one of them. I will go into super organized mode and make sure everything is in it’s perfect place, color coded, alphabetized, and labeled…and then I don’t do anything to maintain that organization until I feel like I’m ready to go insane from the messes. Laundry on the floor, dishes in the sink, dust kangaroos (because we are usually long past the bunny stage). And, really, it needs to stop. if for no other reason, than for the fact that I’m soon going to promise forever to the most OCD, clean freak I’ve ever met. Old habits die hard, but I’m hoping to at least reign this one in this year.

1. Tidy up the website and our brand
. I love our brand, but I feel like the look of it is a bit outdated. In the next few months I hope to spruce things up with a fresh look, while keeping the main components of the brand.
2. Book 25 weddings for me and 15 for Rachel. Yup, I said it! And if we do, ti will be out biggest year yet. Luckily we are already halfway there!
3. Blog. *sigh* I. need. to. blog. more. The end. But I’m really going to try for at least 3 times a week.
4. Submit at least half our weddings for publication. Most of our clients love the idea of seeing their wedding featured in a magazine or on a blog. This year we are vowing to make that happen for them, as much as we can!

This is my list of goals for this year, but now I want to know what some of YOURS are! What is ONE thing you want to do for yourself this year? One thing in your business and career? One thing in your relationship? Sound off, people! I want to hear your goals. 🙂

In conclusion, I leave you (and me!) with a little quote that will, hopefully, lay the groundwork for my new beginnings in 2013.

Happy new year!!!

  1. Bill says:

    You know, I’ve been thinking about a good New Year’s Resolution for myself. And it really comes down to a theme of investing…

    1. Investing Financially… Though I’m not too keen on good investing options, I’m promising myself to research into it. Apart from my 401K, I’m promising myself to save 10% of all income, and living off of 80% (factoring our tithing as our continued other 10%). And saving any extra funds.

    2. Investing Personally… I am in the process of taking 12 education college courses online right now to further my secular employment (which Lord willing will assist my serving my church community; time will tell). But I also set a goal to continue on that track to complete an Associate’s in education. Perhaps one day it will open a door in the future that otherwise would be closed.

    3. Investing Ministerially… It’s what I am called to do. Build into the Kingdom, and bear fruit that lasts. I’m setting some reasonable, achievable goals for ministry this year. I’m thinking practical – nursing homes, clean up, trying to talk with community officials to see how we can best serve the community.

    4. Investing Familiarly… I include friends in this category. My thoughts on this include: how can I initiate conversation and actually talk with friends and family. How can I best serve them? How can I best connect and bless them? Especially those who deserve it most. Finally my own little family. Carved time for Little Bill and Katie – no negotiations/no compromises.

    5. Allowing God to invest in me… Without this, how could I appropriately invest anywhere else? I need to honestly work on the fasting. I also work with lists well, so I have a prayer list, and I have a miracle list: the prayer requests that seriously need time and effort because they are important for me to trust in Jesus for. Without being too indiscreet, they include personal debt (school loans), marriages, and growth. But as the Bible says, if we draw close to God, He will draw close to us. The principle there? Wholehearted effort to seek God results in realizing that God is making a wholehearted effort to tell us He is for us. Letting God invest in me brings a return far more valuable which will allow me to invest in my family, myself, and my finances.

    A year of investment.

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