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Hi! My name is Alicia and I am the owner off Alicia Ann Photographers.  My studio specializes in photographing classic and stately affairs in New York and Europe. This journal is a documentation of those love stories, and I hope you get lost scrolling through the images and seeing the visual representation of the story of love. 

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It was as though a few pages were torn from an old fairy tale storybook, and reenacted play by play. An old fair tale of strapping gentleman and lovely ladies, of class and elegance…but all woven together with a common theme of love and family. Hannah and Jake’s wedding at Lord Thompson Manor was everything […]

A true city girl and northerner, born and raised in the New York area, Christine is all things driven, meticulous, brilliant, and disciplined – the perfect representation of the stereotypical only child. She is calculated but calm, fun and friendly, and all while being crafty she is also incredibly caring. After moving to DC and a […]

One of my favorite parts about living on CT is the constant changing  of season. To me, with each season comes new adventures to be had, new beginnings, and new life. One of my favorite places to witness these season changes is in new Haven. I LOVE walking around Yale campus and crunching leaves beneath […]

They danced slowly along the banks of tidal basin, as if there wasn’t another soul in the world near them. In reality, we were surrounded by tourists who were also there to take in and enjoy the beauty of peak cherry blossom season, but for these few minutes they swayed back and forth as though […]

They are of the timeless breed. The type where little boys turn into gentlemen and little girls practice being a lady. The kind of people who cling to the black and white photos of old, knowing that those portraits are timeless heirlooms of their history and legacy. They are not lavish and they are not […]

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