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Hi! My name is Alicia and I am the owner and lead photographer at Alicia Ann Photographers.  Our studios specializes in photographing classic and stately affairs in New England and Europe. This journal is a documentation of those love stories, so we hope you get lost scrolling through the images and seeing the visual representation of the story of love. 

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I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. I had slaved for hours over the stovetop, hand rolling 30 meatballs, frying sausages, and making a huge pot of sauce and now…..this? I was shocked and appalled. This man that I have come to love was so amazing in so many ways but….this? How […]

I was a bit nervous. I was nervous to announce it, albeit very excited. I was nervous about how people might respond to it. And, frankly, I was nervous that we would not be able to accomplish what I had hoped for. On 1.11.11, we announced that 10% of every commission + product sale for […]

….and I am in love. Wow, it feels so good to *finally* get that off my chest! Seriously, though, I am pretty sure that there were more than a few of us wedding industry folks who have been swooning over Anthropologie’s new wedding line called BHLDN (pronounced beholden). They released a sneak peek at the […]

It was just one of those weeks. You know the kind. The kind of week where words are spoken. Tears are shed. Patience is tested. And overall, it just leaves you feeling drained. Yup, that was our week. He texted me and asked if he could come over after work on Friday night so we […]

Now I don’t know about you but all this sunny weather has got me thinking about Spring. When February 2 came around I thought that adorable little Groundhog was going to come out and want to commit suicide, but alas, maybe he was right after all! I could not believe it when I stepped out […]

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