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It was the most epic of battles, and one for the books. You see, back in the day, kids weren’t allowed to argue or negotiate with their parents. And especially not with mine. I can easily count on one hand the times I argued with my parents, but this one? It was an argument worth shedding blood over.

She bought me an Easter dress. I had a bit of a hard time with dresses in general as I wanted nothing more than to be a boy. I loved climbing trees, playing football, and arm wrestling. Make no mistake, I was not gender confused, I just thought boys had way more fun than girls. It was a 12 year old tomboy’s worst nightmare. Easter Sunday. It came around once a year, and once a year I had to go through the motions of finding an Easter dress. As far as my mom was concerned, the fluffier and bigger, the better. Crinoline, tulle and organza were her BFF’s. But this year in particular, she was on a mission. I was convinced it was a missions to humiliate and embarrass me. She brought home dresses for my sister and I that were navy with white polka dots, and I just about died. I convinced myself that come easter Sunday morning, I would refuse to wear it and that she would just let me wear another dress. Boy, was I wrong. Easter Sunday morning came and I waited until the very last minute t get dressed – the minute where she starts running around like a crazy person, saying that we are going to be late for church (happens every year). She came up to the bedroom to find me still in my bathrobe and started getting all crazy Italian mom on me, which is about the time I informed her that I would not, in fact, be wearing that polka dotted disaster of a dress. And that’s when it started. The battle of the decade. I eventually put it on but then said I would not be going into church with it on. She hung just about every valuable thing over my head – which at that time in my life (and, let’s be honest…still to this day) was the annual church Easter Egg Hunt that afternoon. The one I always dominated. It was a battle of wills, and one that she eventually won because I just HAD to have those Reese’s Eggs.

I’ve said this many times, but I think my mom parented my stubbornness well. She let me be who I was but in moments of defiance, she stood her ground and showed me who was boss (her, in case you were doubting). I have story upon story to go with that but only a few that were epic battles and the polka dot dress episode is definitely one of them. So. You can imagine the look on her face yesterday and the jokes that ensued when I showed up to Easter Dinner wearing…

Yes. It’s true. My deep rooted hate for navy and white polka dots is long gone, as my wardrobe is now half navy and white stripes and dots. She says I can thank her for such amazing taste. I prefer to think that I can thank J. Crew and Sarah Vickers.

Hope you all had the happiest of Easter weekends and spent time reflecting on the incredible, redemptive story of Jesus and his resurrection!

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  1. mom says:

    you look even better in those dots now!!!! You forgot to mention I in fact made a matching one to yours haha!

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